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March 20th - March 23rd, 2016
Sun Valley Resort, Sun Valley, ID
Pricing: $1,850
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Dent is an invitation-only gathering held once a year in Sun Valley, ID for people who want to "put a dent in the universe," as Steve Jobs once said.

Registration is by invitation only (do you have a code? click here to use it!) and costs $1,850. To join this community of entrepreneurs, CEOs, executive directors, artists, and leaders, request your invitation here. All fields required.

"If you are looking to recharge your creative batteries and drive your ideas forward in a productive way, I highly recommend attending Dent." - Alvy Ray Smith, Co-Founder, Pixar

"Dent dinners shift things into new perspectives and create connections that last." - Ellen Leanse, Angel Investor, Advisor & Strategist

"Dent is an innovation retreat for people who are making a difference." - Jeremiah Owyang, Founder, CrowdCompanies