Dent The Future: Introducing Our New Conference

Some leaders seem able to shape the world through sheer force of will and strength of vision. Some leaders seem immune to the forces of creative destruction, and carry their organizations successfully through decades of disruption and change.

Are you one of them?

These are the great visionaries of history. The people who have, through luck or effort or skill, put their own dent in the universe — as Steve Jobs would say. Yet their success remains poorly understood.

The team behind Tweet House has launched many acclaimed conferences, including the pioneering Blog Business Summit conference in 2004, and the world’s first Twitter conference in 2008, consistently bringing together some of the most respected thought leaders, investors, CEOs, and influencers. Our new conference, called “Dent,” will explore the magic and science of visionary leadership and groundbreaking success.

Dent will take place in Sun Valley, ID on March 25-26, with optional ski & activity days organized on either end — the 24th and 27th. For this event, we’re carefully limiting the attendees to an invited list of folks who have, are, or will “put a dent in the universe” in order to create a truly unique and valuable experience for all guests.

We’re very fortunate to be working with an amazing board of advisors in launching this first year event, including Robert Scoble (of Scobleizer fame), Oren Jacob (former CTO at Pixar and now CEO of ToyTalk), Reshma Saujani (of Girls Who Code), and designer Roger Black (Rolling Stone, New York Times Magazine, Esquire, etc).

Our conference site is here, where you can see our current list of speakers and our schedule. The early bird sign-up period begins now and extends through December 15th.

You can request an invitation to Dent from our web site here:

– Jason & Steve