Strategic Digital Advantage: Lessons From The Obama Campaign – Harper Reed

The Obama for America campaign is a case study in digital engagement done right. As Harvard Business Review put it: “The Obama campaign’s techniques, tools and technologies deserve detailed and dedicated attention from every organization that takes data-driven decisions seriously. There’s not a brand manager, health care administrator, CMO or CIO who wouldn’t benefit big-time from benchmarking their own operations to this campaign’s. It was that good.”

In this session, Harper Reed, CTO of the Obama 2012 campaign will discuss what core strategies, tactics, and tools of the campaign can be utilized by organizations of all stripes to help drive engagement, conversion—and competitive advantage.

The DevOps culture and agile development•Testing vs intuition •Tools and techniques for data capture and analysis •Building predictivemodels •Integrating social, advertising, and email campaigns •Internal staffing vs outsourcing •Translating insights into action