Dent New York Dinner: Makerbot and Fitzcarraldo

View from Makerbot Offices

It was fascinating to get a behind-the-scenes tour of the offices on the 21st floor (about which an NDA requires that I say…not much), but we also got to spend a few minutes peppering Makerbot’s new CEO (former Makerbot President, and Denter) Jenny Lawton with questions about everything from innovations in materials science to “which Makerbot should I get first?” (Answer: The Mini).

After the tour, and a lot of hands-on time with 3D printed objects of all imaginable kinds, including dinosaur skulls and mechanical hearts, we left again in the Buicks for Fitzcarraldo, a small but gorgeous restaurant on the edge of East Williamsburg, where over dinner we heard from New York Times New Digital Products lead John Geraci. John filled us in on the transformative innovation story unfolding at the Times right now. Off the record, of course.

Even more important than the places we visited was the conversation between the participants. For this third Dent Dinner of 2014 we had a exciting and energizing crowd. Many new faces joined our familiar friends, and one guest told us “I really love a party where everyone you talk to is interesting, and this was one of those parties.”

Hosting these dinners with Buick and Silicon Valley Bank throughout the year has been a rewarding adventure for us, and we hope it’s helped to foster connections among the community as well. We can’t wait to see everyone again next March, but as always, don’t be a stranger in the meantime, we are always happy to hear from you.