New Brain-Training Apps Reveal Top Skills in Different Professions


The Wall Street Journal reports that data gathered from brain training apps like London-based Brainbow Ltd.’s “Peak” (free to $34.99 / year on the App Store) can tell us a lot about how brains perform in different professions.

The app also asks users to state their profession and due to popular demand, you can compare your mental abilities with others in the same line of work.

Using the data available so far, Shorrer and his team have been able to identify, based on top skills per profession, that while many occupations emphasize memory and language over all, the top skills for software engineers are focus and mental agility, while the top two skills for police officers are memory and mental agility.

I’d be curious to look at outliers in each profession. For example, how do successful software engineers with below-average focus compensate? (Or do they just go straight for the Adderall?)

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