Dent 2015 Artist in Residence: Jessica Hagy

myfaceFor the past two years at Dent we’ve had an “artist in residence” — a musician that we’ve hosted for the duration and who has performed on stage and at the various social gatherings that surround the sessions. Last year it was Tae Phoenix, and the year before that it was Emree Franklin. This year, we’re super excited to welcome our artist in residence: Jessica Hagy, author and web artist, creator of the popular webcomic This is Indexed.

Instead of regaling us with music in the middle of the day, Jessica will be adding her wit and style to the conference by live-index-carding throughout the event. After all, there is more than one form of art.

As a reminder: the Dent room block has now officially expired at the Sun Valley Resort, which means that the rooms we’ve been holding for Dent attendees are now up for grabs by anyone and everyone. Since half of the Resort is going to be closed for renovations, it will almost certainly sell out. Make your reservations now if you’re planning to attend! (Don’t have an invite? Request one here!)