Dent Attendees Signed Up Before March 10 Will Get A Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight

leeo-colorpickerWe’re super excited to share that Leeo, the makers of some very cool in-home connected technology, will be joining us at Dent 2015 as a sponsor!

In addition to hosting one of the much loved Dent Dinners in town on Monday night, Leeo is offering Dent attendees who register before March 10 a free Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight — that’s the thing pictured here in this post.

Plug it into a wall outlet, and in addition to being a nightlight, it’s a smartphone-based alert relay for the carbon monoxide detectors you already have installed in your house (you have those, right?). The audio frequency for those detectors is mandated by law, and as a result Leeo’s nightlight can listen exclusively for those frequencies, and notify your phone when it detects the sound.

If you’re planning to join us in Sun Valley this year and you already have a registration code, you can enter it here to register. If you’d like to join us but need an invitation, you can request one here.