Dent Tops Entrepreneur Magazine's List of Conferences Worth Your Time and Money

Hey! We’d love to see you at Dent this March in Sun Valley. Don’t forget to request an invite

Entrepreneur MagWe typically think what happens at Dent is pretty cool and pretty well worth the time, but it’s really nice to see some other folks think so, too.

Entrepreneur Magazine posted their list of 9 Conferences in 2015 That Are Worth Your Time and Money, and right there at the top of the list is Dent (along with other events we respect like PopTech and ONA).

Fun side note: we posted the news to Facebook, and Olympic Gold Medalist Dick Fosbury’s comment was “So true.” In other words, yeah, even Olympians who redefined their sport in front of the world think Dent is pretty neat.

If you’re interested in joining us this March 22-25, request an invite. Or you can read more about the conference itself on our conference page.