Have you ever wanted a mouse pointer on your phone controlled by your thumbnail?

nailoNo? Really? Why not?

Researchers at MIT apparently really wanted to be able to do this, so they figured out a way. It uses a small wearable trackpad sensor, which they’re calling NailO, to register the touches and transmit the signal to a device such as a phone.

Also, much like the Apple watch, the sensor is apparently totally customizable.

At Dent 2014, Scott Jordan hosted a popular round table discussion about wearable technology, and just a year later the options for loading things like this into clothing or directly onto the body are quite a bit more advanced.

It seems like huge, universe-denting shifts in technology are often accompanied by new interface opportunities. We’re on the verge of voice (Siri, Cortana) and whole body (VR, Kinect) inputs — now the wrist, the thumbnail — which is going to take lead? I have no idea, but it’s going to be awesome.