Insight, charted: How artist in residence Jessica Hagy distilled Dent

Jessica Hagy, artist in residence at Dent 2015, doesn’t just hear insights.

She sees them.

Hagy, author of several books and the popular Indexed blog, sketched out her takeaways from 14 sessions at Dent 2015 in the simple charts and diagrams she’s known for.

We’ve included just a sampling here. For the full gallery, check out her sketches from Day 1 and Day 2.

Big thanks to Jessica for the awesomeness. We’ll be re-posting them as we tell you more about what a great time we had at Dent 2015.

We’re just getting started…

P.S. Jessica’s latest book diagrams a classic. “The Art of War, Visualized,” is exactly as compelling as it sounds. Check it out.