Rover offers discounted dog sitting for Dent attendees

brody-carWe’re dog lovers at Dent. Brody, the wheaten-terrier you see pictured here, has been to every Dent (though he’s remained in the background).

And while it’s a lots of fun for us to have Steve’s dog wandering around the condo during the conference, it’s not always the easiest thing to travel with a dog.

Enter Rover: the Seattle-based shared economy dog sitting startup has offered $35 (on average, this a day of dog sitting is $25) towards dog sitting booked by Dent attendees while they’re attending Dent in Sun Valley.

We’ll be sending instructions on how to redeem the free dog sitting day to all registered Dent attendees this week, and all signups going forward.

Has your dog been holding you back? 🙂 Request an invite to Dent now.