Wow. A letter to Denters

makingrocksYou know how after you throw a big party, there’s this beautiful mess? Plates and glasses cover the tables, everything smells like wine and so many meaningful conversations are replaying in your head that as you load the dishwasher and wipe off the counters, you’re already planning the next party?

Sitting at my desk in Seattle today feels a little like that, only better.

You made Dent 2015 unforgettable.

From Laura and Scott Jordan’s epic opening party to that killer un-conference (er… back at the same place). From laughs and applause in the session room to late night chatter at the Sun Valley Inn. Learning parkour, competing on the Buick Autocross course, admiring Jessica Hagy’s cartoons, captioning David Horsey’s…it was a blast.

Dent 2015 was a wonderful opportunity to meet new and fascinating people, reinforce great friendships, and begin new partnerships.

This year we were able to open registration to attendees for Dent 2016 while we were still there in Sun Valley. Only a few days later, 21 folks have opted to join us again next year…so I guess we have to do it again in 2016. See you there, March 20-23rd!

It’s also worth noting that we made 35 “Limited Edition” registrations available, and 15 of those have been snagged already. They’re notably cheaper, but they’re non-refundable. If you know you’re going to be there, ti’s a great deal. (Need an invite? request it here).

(Photo by Kris Krug)