Become A Sponsor

Dent events and experiences are for people and brands acting with purpose and passion to make a difference.

Does your brand help people do something amazing?

Does your brand help fuel people’s passion and purpose?

Does your brand help people make a difference?

Dent is different, and so is your brand. Your brand might be consumer or B2B, automotive or apparel, food or drink, services or tech. No matter what your focus, if you’re enabling people to make a difference and connect with a greater purpose, you’re in the right place.

Dent attendees are influencers on the cutting edge of change, building something bigger than themselves. Dent partners enable that effort, reaching this exclusive group of influential buyers in unique ways. Dent experiences immerse attendees in your brand’s mission, products and story.

Whether you choose to sponsor a Dent:Dinner, an experience or meal at a Dent conference, or choose a bespoke partnership, we’ll help you influence the influencers and achieve your goals. Together, we’ll make a dent in the universe.

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Your sponsorship will be custom-tailored to match your goals and your brand messages. Most packages include promotional considerations, on-site presence, and product experience opportunities. Sample sponsorships include:

“Dine-a-round” sponsorships, where your sponsorship includes acting as sponsor host for a select group of attendees at an evening dinner event, as well as all “standard” event sponsorship benefits

“Artist in Residence” sponsorships, where your brand associates itself with the creative arts, sponsoring on-site artists during Dent events, as well as all “standard” event sponsorship benefits

Hospitality sponsorships might include breaks, breakfasts, lunches, charging stations, and the like, as well as all “standard” event sponsorship benefits

Bespoke sponsorships to match your marketing goals, from simple product placements to immersive experiences

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