Welcoming Dent Sponsor Vyykn

Thanks to the efforts of organizations like the Ketchum Innovation Center (KIC) and officials like Mayor Nina Jonas, Idaho is becoming home to more and more creative startups. Recently I had a chance to tour one of the largest and most innovative new companies in Ketchum: Vyykn.

With Vyykn, Steve Kuzara and his team have created a networked platform for a global drinking water utility. Vyykn reduces America’s reliance on bottled water via a subscription service that lets people fill up their custom stainless steel bottles at any of the company’s sophisticated filtration systems. In addition, their custom app helps subscribers monitor their hydration levels and reminds them when they are falling behind their hydration target.

As a Dent sponsor, Vyykn is providing all Dent attendees with one of their specialized bottles — and will be placing one of their hydration stations at the conference facility at the Sun Valley Inn.

Given the challenges that cities like Flint, Michigan and scores of other municipalities are facing with infrastructure failure, we are proud to be aligned with great companies like Vyykn — ones that are not only pursuing entrepreneurial success, but are also working to make a dent in the universe by improving health outcomes.