Dent Returns to San Diego Comic Con

Following another amazing experience last year at San Diego Comic-Con highlighted by real-life Iron Man suit inventor Richard Browning and his incredible demo flight, Dent returns to San Diego this July with two inspiring panels, a one-of-a-kind reception, and a cadre of expert speakers from the MIT Media Lab, NASA, Lockheed Martin Space and more.


Our special guest speaker for 2018 is astronaut (and Dent Advisory Board member) Cady Coleman. Cady is a veteran of two Space Shuttle missions, and has logged 159 days in space aboard the International Space Station.


Our two panels: Creating the Future at the MIT Media Lab and Moonbase & Beyond center around highlighting exciting new technologies and the industry experts behind the scenes making them possible.

On Thursday, July 19 Join us for:

Creating the Future at the MIT Media Lab: How Comics Inspire Students Work (and Vice Versa)

MIT and their Media Lab are prominent fixtures in the Marvel Universe. Tony Stark, Otto Octavius, Reed Richards, Riri Williams, and Sue Storm are all MIT alums. While MIT has inspired Marvel, the reverse is even more the case. Many of the real world students, faculty, and alumni of the school are inventing amazing technologies, (not to mention creative media) based on what they’ve seen from comic book characters on screen and in print. Panelists Dr. Katy Croff Bell (director of the Media Lab Open Ocean initiative), Dr. Danielle Wood (MIT Media Lab director, Space Enabled group), Alexis Hope (Creative Director, TEN FWD; MIT Media Lab alum) Selam Gano (MIT Media Lab undergraduate researcher) and moderator Cady Coleman (retired NASA astronaut) will profile the cutting-edge technologies and storytelling coming out of this Cambridge MA think-tank.


On Friday, July 20 don’t miss:

Moonbase and Beyond: The New Push to Deep Space

Since SDCC 2017, a new era of discovery has emerged. Budget priorities have dramatically changed and resources for space exploration have surged. This means the most powerful rocket ever launched (the SLS) is now on track to deliver a 25 metric ton payload (including humans) to the moon. The moon will serve as a stepping stone toward eventual missions to Mars and deeper into the solar system. Panelists Cady Coleman (retired NASA astronaut), Bill Pratt (Advanced Human Spaceflight Systems, Lockheed Martin Space) and Marshall Smith (director cross-program systems integration/exploration systems at NASA), along with moderator Steve Broback (cofounder, Dent the Future) will discuss the goals, the timing, and the logistical needs for this exciting new age of exploration.

Following the Thursday panel, join us at Stone Brewing Tap Room for a post-session reception and technology demo sponsored by Lockheed Martin Space on Thursday 7/19 starting at 5:00pm PT. At this gathering Dent community members, press and invited guests will have the ability to meet and mingle with our panelists and experience demos of some of the exciting new technology our speakers are working on.

Click here for more information and to register for your ticket to the speaker reception.

We’re looking forward to another amazing year SDCC, and hope to see you there!