Dent:Live with Michael DeAngelo (June 2018) [AUDIO]

Dent:Live is a monthly(ish) podcast that is live-broadcast in front of a studio audience at The Collective, a new Seattle urban clubhouse in South Lake Union.

Our next guest for the Dent:Live podcast is Michael DeAngelo — by title, he’s Washington State’s Deputy Chief Information Officer. But the Office of the CIO has been operating with the Holacracy self-organizing model for part of the organization since February of 2015. So maybe his title is meaningless?

The state of Washington spends approximately $2B a year in technology spend.  In his role, Michael is challenging state government to think differently by bringing in practices like Lean Startup to build new services, Agile to produce value early and often, and Value-based hiring to bring in the right talent. Perhaps, the most novel and provocative challenge is his work bringing in Holacracy to empower the workforce and respond to change faster. WaTech was the first government in the world to use Holacracy in a big way. In addition to leading change, Michael is also a SCUBA instructor, pilot, beekeeper, welder, stained glass artist and still has time to be a father of daughters.