Ignite Talks at Dent 2018

For the past four years, we’ve hosted unconference talks on the afternoon of the last day at Dent. This year, we’re going to be trying something new to bring great ideas and stories from the audience up to the stage: Ignite talks.

Ignite is a great, five-minute format started in Seattle more than a decade ago. Each talk has a 20-slide powerpoint deck that auto-advances every 15 seconds. The tagline for the format: Enlighten us, but make it quick!

Here are the Ignite Talk presenters (and titles) of the talks we’ll enjoy at Dent 2018:

  • Wendy Bird – Dignity: A Hand Up vs A Hand Out
  • Cheryl Contee – How to Make Friends and Win The Internet!
  • Tyler Suard – 10 Years of Self-improvement in 5 Minutes
  • Elizabeth Grigg – How to use an Ideas Folder to Reinvent Yourself, Despite What Ira Glass and Malcolm Gladwell Have To Say About It
  • Hillary Preston – How Government Procurement Is Actually Awesome (Not Boring)
  • Sumanth Channabasappa – Super Sprints… 0 – 1 in three days!
  • David Jones – The Changing World of Work in 5 Minutes (or less)
  • Bruce Caron – Hunter-gatherers Have a Lot to Teach Rocket Scientists
  • Kristy Sammis – Ultimate Business Hack: Run It Like A Girl

The Ignite talks will be held in two batches, one on Monday and one on Tuesday. We’re very excited for them!