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Dent @ Home with Bob McNeel

April 23 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT

Unconventional Entrepreneurship: Succeeding as a Contrarian

Denter Bob McNeel is the founder of the privately held Robert McNeel and Associates, which launched in 1980. Their flagship product Rhinoceros 3D, first shipped in 1998 and is regarded as a market leader with hundreds of thousands of active users. The company is consistently (and significantly) profitable, and has a remarkable employee retention rate.

The success of Robert McNeel and Associates exemplifies “thinking different” and to some degree flies in the face of conventional business dogma. Many of the core pillars of the enterprise run counter to the standard edicts espoused by legions of VC’s, MBA’s, entrepreneurs, and software developers.

To begin with, shareholder value lands relatively low on the priority list. The company’s stated mission is: “To enrich its clients, employees, suppliers, community, and stockholders – in that order.”

Other non-traditional perspectives we will touch upon into in the fireside chat with Bob include: Avoiding outside investment * When “moats” are counterproductive * Why “lifestyle businesses” beat exit-obsessed startups * Embracing “no” * Do this quarter’s numbers really matter? * Meaning over money.

Disclaimer: In refreshing contrast to the usual bluster and self-aggrandizement seen from many founders, central to Bob’s management style is his unassuming nature. Given that, he asserts that it is only fair that we give advance notice to everyone who RSVPs that this @ home conversation that this will “likely be a wasted hour.”

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April 23
11:00 am - 12:00 pm PDT