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Dent @ Home with Michael Lee

February 19 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm PST

Resilience and Navigating Adversity

In the realms of business, relationships, and health, everyone has to face trials, tribulations, and the sands shifting beneath their feet. The key issue is how one deals with the metaphorical cards they are dealt.

Long-time Denters know that Michael Lee is a wise, positive, and enthusiastic member of the Dent community, but not all are aware that in just a few short years, he has built a thriving, profitable, and growing human resources venture. In addition, he has achieved what many entrepreneurs can only dream of, he has been able to recruit and manage a team that is now largely self-sufficient.

In addition, Michael is a top national competitor in Spartan races, a competition which began as a spin-off of the “Death Race”, a 48-hour endurance event founded in 2007. In these tournaments, contenders face a grueling series of obstacle course competitions that are designed to “manufacture adversity” and take people beyond their comfort zone. In 2019, over a million people competed in Spartan events.

Michael’s achievements are notable, but they are even more impressive when one considers the setbacks he has dealt with. From personal experiences navigated as a child, to the physical trauma of suffering a near-fatal skiing injury in 2016, resulting in a devastating C5 spinal cord injury, and partial paralysis in his left arm.

In this fireside chat, Michael will discuss the lessons learned from Spartan races that have helped him be a successful entrepreneur and manager, and the attitudinal toolkit he draws from his personal life that help him achieve and thrive in a world of uncertainty and disorder.

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February 19
11:00 am - 12:00 pm PST