Dent @ Home with Markos Moulitsas: The Political Landscape: What Now?

Regardless of who wins the presidency in November, in the aftermath of COVID-19, the political landscape in the United States has changed forever. US politics have transformed in ways we are only beginning to understand: from how people vote to what policies are enacted, from what the government does (and doesn’t do) to how it […]


Reconnecting in a Disconnected Time

This Dent @ Home Session is Free with Dent Passport As a result of the COVD-19 pandemic, we all suddenly find ourselves “living untethered,” disconnected from the normal events, people, and routines of our daily lives - including our work, friends and family, leisure, church, etc. Uncertainty and fear have driven anxiety levels sky high, […]


Dent Circle: Social Media Marketing – May 14, 2020

Dent @ Home “Circles” will allow groups of up to 12 in number to collaborate on Zoom to share useful/fun insights in a variety of subject areas. In circles, we can share expertise, insights, and any unique tools/techniques people may have in a given domain. This upcoming forum will allow Denters to share their knowledge […]


From Movies to Deep Fakes: Creating Digital Humans

This Dent @ Home Session is free with Dent Passport No doubt working from home and meetings by video have given us all the opportunity to wish for an AI doppelgänger to replace ourselves on camera. That future may be closer at hand than we realize. Denter John Canning is an accomplished senior executive with […]


Happy Hour @ Home

We are fond of saying that Dent is the only conference with a dedicated Sommelier. We often pair great food with wine, cocktails, or mocktails in the age-old tradition of fostering in-depth conversation. Now, we're going to take the cocktail reception to your door with Dent Happy Hour @ Home. Grab your beverage of choice […]


Dent @ Home The Explorer’s Mindset – A Cave Diver’s Guide to Fear and Challenge

As a cave diving explorer, Jill Heinerth’s work takes her to the most remote corners of the planet. Frequently out of touch for weeks or even months at a time, her job is to capture images in the claustrophobic blackness of water-filled caves, where an error on the job may determine her chance of survival. […]

Dent @ Home — Design-based Leadership: Finding Opportunity in Chaos

Chaos is the perfect environment for design thinking to thrive. As a tool, it helps us synthesize from our uncertainties and bring clarity to our next move. As a mindset, it helps us surface our inner tensions and operating assumptions. For 8 years, Denter Jessica Artiles has travelled the world translating her MIT Mechanical Engineering […]