Dent @ Home with Kelly Wendorf

Denter Kelly Wendorf is an executive coach, spiritual mentor and founding partner of EQUUS, a leadership and professional development organization, home-based on Thunderbird Ridge an 11-acre experiential learning & discovery campus in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Horses are co-facilitators in their work at the ranch, and much of Kelly’s wisdom on leadership has emerged from […]

Dent Circle: Leadership

Join us for the second Dent Leadership Circle on Zoom, where Denters share stories and explore different aspects of both the theory and practice of leadership in an informal environment. Facilitated by Eric Svaren, a member of the Dent Coaching Stable, these informal gatherings are open to all Denters who have an interest in leadership: […]

Dent Circle: Social Media Marketing

Dent @ Home “Circles” allow groups with a shared interest to collaborate on Zoom to share useful/fun insights in a variety of subject areas. This upcoming forum will allow Denters to share their knowledge about best practices in the domain of social media marketing. Register Now

Dent @ Home with Meshell Baker

Grounded Confidence & Bottom Line Results Remarkable achievers like Brené Brown, Neil Armstrong, and Maya Angelou have all admitted to thinking "what the heck am I doing here?" when surrounded by successful people. Surprisingly, many of the most respected leaders in any domain struggle with some form of "imposter syndrome." Many Denters have expressed this […]

Monday Routine

Join fellow Denters for this start-of-the-week  social check-in.

Dent @ Home Ask Me Anything featuring Steve and Jason

We'll answer whatever questions you have about the past, present, future of Dent or regarding any of an infinite number of topics...nothing is off the table. Greg Mollner's Dent @ Home Podcasting talk originally scheduled for this time is being postponed to a later date. Register Now

Monday Routine

Join fellow Denters for this start-of-the-week  social check-in.