Dent Ambassadors


We’re so thrilled that Dent has evolved over the last 5 years from a conference to a community. And that’s in large part because of your efforts in helping to spread Dent to your networks, inviting great new people to events, and convincing them to come to the annual Dent conference.

The more opportunities we have to meet and meld with people who bring diverse experience to the table, the more frequently we’ll be able to spark new collaborations that make people’s lives better.

Dent Ambassadors are Denters who make a commitment to helping to grow the power of our community through new invites.

What Makes A Dent Ambassador?

There’s one thing that we’ve seen amazing members of our community do that makes Dent one of the best experiences out there, and we’d like to both honor it by recognizing the value these Ambassadors create, and encourage more people to take a more active role in Dent:

Invite at least one new person to register for Dent 2018. When they sign up, and reference you in their registration, you’ll become an Ambassador.

While you’re an ambassador, we’ve cooked up a few special ways for us to thank you for your contributions to the community.

If you’re not sure how to go about inviting your friends to join you at Dent 2018, you can head over here and we’ll send you some information.

A few ways to say thank you

For all of you who have helped us grow to this point, thank you. Dent wouldn’t be what it is without your efforts, and Steve and I are incredibly grateful for the dedication we see throughout the community.

And we’d like to say thank you in a more formal way going forward. Dent Ambassadors will receive the following:

→ Priority invitations to all Dent experiences
→ Enhanced Gift Bag for you and your invitees at check-in (you’ll each get to pick a high end gift like a Kindle Oasis)
→ Pick your Dine Around dinner

For a sense of what we mean by Dent experiences, you can check out the list of things we already know about on our calendar page. We’re constantly adding to the list.