Terms and Conditions

When you register for a Dent event, sign up for Dent Passport, or make another purchase from Dent, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • Dent registrations are 50% refundable (except for the “limited edition” ticket) until 30 days before the event starts.
  • Registrations can be transferred if approved by Dent.
  • Registrations can be carried-forward one year.
  • No transfers or carry-forwards allowed within 14 days of the event start.

Dent Coaching Stable Terms

If you’re registering for Dent Passport, you’re also agreeing to some specific terms and conditions that relate to coaching in a professional environment. 

Coaching is for healthy people

First, you acknolwedge that coaching is for people who are baisically healthy and successful. Coaching is not a substitute for assistance from a mental health professional, and if you are seeing a mental health professional, they should be made aware of your intent to work with a coach. You acknowledge that responsibility for all decisions dealing with these issues lies exclusively with you.

You agree that you will not use executive coaching in lieu of professional medical advice, legal counsel, accounting and business consultation, or spiritual guidance, and you will consult with the appropriate professional in each of these areas if you need their counsel.

Coaching requires trust

Coaching requires trust. When you enter into conversations with a coach through the Dent Coaching Stable, you have a reasonable expectation of privacy and of confidentiality for our converstaions. Coahes will not share or sell anything you relay to them for any social, professional, or financial benefit. 

Though coaches are not legally mandated reporters, coaches may choose to relay information to authorities about certain crimes that have been committed or certain crimes that are being planned in order to protect you or someone else from harm.