Our September guest for the Dent:Live podcast will be

Women in Tech Regatta founder and producer, Melody Biringer

The podcast (streaming live below) will last about an hour, with a short time beforehand and after to mingle and do some live audience Q&A.

Invited Denters and members of The Collective can join us on the evening of August 14th at 7:00pm for the live broadcast. We’ll have happy-hour priced beer and wine, as well as great food available from the kitchen at The Collective, and a wonderful live session ripped right from the pages of the Dent Conference, broadcast live around the world.

Please note: If you plan to attend this Dent:Live session in person, we will be broadcasting from upstairs in the Collective’s space – not the lounge area we typically gather in. If you are unable to join in person, click here to join the conversation via our Facebook Livestream.

The podcast will last about an hour, with a short time beforehand and after to mingle and do some live audience Q&A.

As an author, mentor, trailblazer, stargazer, international speaker, and entrepreneur who has launched 20 businesses in 30 years, Melody Biringer is The Pivot Queen. Her journey has taught her that circuitous paths lead to astonishing outcomes.

Rather than shying away from difficult periods of transition, she has learned to lean in, to sit with the unknown and to love the game. With a “launch it broken, fix it live” approach, she employs the vulnerability and uncertainty of transition to innovate, iterate and galvanize communities into action. Melody pushes the boundaries of what is possible and trusts serendipity.

Melody has trotted down several entrepreneurial trails. The CRAVE Company and Biringer’s, give her a powerful perspective. Over the last 19 years, her work has focused on generating authentic connections and conversation among women in business. She is also the author of CRAVING Success: a startup junkie’s path from passion to profits, which includes 132 tips for ambitious entrepreneurs.

As a connection engineer, Melody is a master of designing alliances. She believes that relationships are most important in our lives and that unlikely mashups create new perspectives and opportunities. She has built an international ecosystem of sisterhood.

Melody is the founder and producer of the WiT Regatta: a week-long conference in Seattle, Vancouver and Amsterdam bringing people together to advance women in STEM and Tech. Her current entrepreneurial love-child is CO-STORMING, a group think designed to be your personal board of directors for life and work.

Melody is a nav system for heart and soul – a modern day business Sherpa. She guides not by asking us to replicate her journey- but by inviting us to  own our own style, to create what we crave, and to know our non-negotiables.

She is committed to designing new platforms that challenge women to advance themselves and each other.


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