Dent is a community of people who share a need to push the boundaries on our thinking and a commitment to putting a dent in the universe.

Welcome to Dent Passport

Dent Passport offers you access to a set of adventures, dinners, and events crafted to serve creative leaders like yourself. Dine at the world-famous Magic Castle in Los Angeles. Dive into adventure at the Aquarius underwater reef base off the coast of Florida and so much more. 

Our community members include C-suite executives, entrepreneurs, artists, authors, nonprofit directors, actors, scientists, sommeliers, and venture capitalists. Our members (we call ourselves "Denters") are intentionally diverse to help create connections between like-minded people from wildly different fields. These kinds of relationships are often at the root of some of the most world changing ideas. 

As a Dent Passport holder, the dinners we hold across the country and throughout the year are free for you, and you’ll enjoy discounts to ticketed events like Dent:Blend and Dent:Explore. 

But Dent Passport is way more than a set of discounts. You’ll also gain access to an online directory, private communication channels for Dent Passport holders to keep you actively connected to the community, and introductions by request to help you achieve your goals. 

What is Dent Passport?

"Dent’s Passport program has paid its value back tenfold. Outside of the new business opportunities I’ve nurtured through the relationships, it’s grown my own self value in achieving the leaps and bounds that work has pushed me into. 

Through both the experiences and the humans, I’m a better overall leader to my company. "

Morgan Graham

Director of Client Services, Experiences for Mankind

Discounted Dent:Explore Conferences

Join intimate leadership and development retreats designed to help your grow personally and think outside the box professionally. $500 off for Passport holders.

Access to the community online

Your Dent Passport membership includes access to the online membership directory, private Dent Passport only communication channels, and the Dent community Slack.


Coaching and counsel from the Dent Coaching Stable

Free coaching time from a stable of leadership and business coaches who can help you find perspective on a pressing challenge in life or in work. 

Dent coaching stable

Connect with others

Custom introductions by request to others in our network throughout the year.

Quarterly “book club”

book club

Get hand-selected books for inspiration, perspective and insight.

Travel-based intros

Heading out of town? Get personal introductions to fellow Denters at your destination.

Unique adventures

Visit an underwater astronaut training facility, a members-only magic club, and more!

Exclusive discounts

Save hundreds on Dent events around the US with exclusive Dent Passport discounts

Free Dent Dinners

Join other Denters and changemakers around the US for exclusive evening dining and discussion

The resources you need to “dent the universe”

Now's the time to start making your dent in the universe, and Dent Passport gives you the inspiration, tools and network to make it happen.

Start making your dent today