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Dent is a conference like no other conference

This is a gathering for people who are putting a dent in the universe. Dent connects and inspires people through a series of thoughtfully designed experiences and talks. You’ll find new opportunities and build meaningful relationships with a diverse set of leaders from different fields of work. 




Shared experiences + Practical Learning = Inspiration & Growth

We’re here to help you change the world. The work you do is incredibly hard, and often, incredibly lonesome. Every year we put together a unique set of experiences that will help you build relationships with others who share an understanding of this struggle.

Sometimes what you need is inspiration. Sometimes what you need is perspective. Sometimes what you need is an opportunity to grow or a chance to step up. Dent is custom-built to bring you together with the peers you never knew you were missing. 

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Build Meaningful Relationships With Interesting People

From the time you land in New Mexico, Dent is designed to help you build meaningful relationships with people who are your peers but who you would never otherwise meet. Game night brings you out of a networking context. Activities and workshops on Sunday provide opportunities to meet a cohort and work together with a smaller group before you ever step into a conference room. 


Have Dinner With An Astronaut — Or A Magician

The best conversations are shared over great food and wine. At Dent, we split attendees and speakers into smaller groups of around 35 people and enjoy hosted dinners at a variety of local restaurants in the walk-friendly heart of downtown Santa Fe, NM. Our Dent Sommelier will pick wines to pair with your food, and you’ll spark friendships that outlast the evening and open doors to brand new opportunities. 


When Was The Last Time You Were Inspired Like This?

Inspiration is the fuel that rockets you through the tough challenges you face all year. The talks and hallways at Dent bring together inspiring stories and critical lessons from all walks of life — from a consulting detective to the founder of The North Face. Together they reveal the common threads behind every dent in the universe, and will leave you recharged and ready to tackle the world. 


Who is Dent for?

You Need To See The Big Picture

Bill Gates has his famous “think week” for a reason. Setting aside time to recharge your energy and open your mind to new perspectives is mission-critical but easy to make a low priority. Every year the sessions at Dent explore the realm of the recently possible and look at the world from an unusual angle, and the participants will push you to develop your own thinking as well. 

You’re Looking For A Partner Or A Client

The Dent community is full of people who are energetic, brilliant, and committed to changing the world. People who meet at Dent have gone on to co-found companies together, like the founding team of Pattern Computer, or quite often find opportunities to work together throughout the year. 

You’re Taking Your Next Step

When you step into a new role or lean into a challenge, it’s easy to find yourself underwater. The sessions at Dent will give you practical grounding to develop your skills as a leader, and the people with you in Santa Fe will have the perspective and experience to help you grow. 

Your Friends Don’t Share Your Struggle

Being a CEO or a leader working change from within is tough and lonely work. It can be hard to find people who share your experiences and can offer valuable advice or perspective. Dent is a community of people who are generous with their curiosity and their experiences where you can find the friendship you need. 

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A selection of past and current Dent participants