Dent is a four-day experience in Sun Valley, ID. March 19-22nd, 2017.

Most people will fly in on Saturday, March 18th and depart on Wednesday, March 22nd. In most cases, it’s better to fly to the local Friedman Memorial airport (airport code: SUN).

We’ll post an official schedule once we have confirmed the program, but it will follow this basic outline:

March 18th

7pm – Unofficial Game Night / Welcome arrivals

March 19th

(Activity Day)

9am – Skiing/Snowboarding
9:30am – Alchemist’s Breakfast (private breakfast for Alchemists and Scholars)
10am – Selection of morning activities. Things like parkour, photo walk, day hike.
Noon – Lunch
1:30pm – Selection of afternoon activities. Things like more parkour, wine tasting, art walk.
6pm – Opening Reception / Dinner

March 20th


8am – Breakfast
9:30am – Welcome to the conference
4:30pm – Sessions conclude
6pm – Dine Around

March 21st


8am – Breakfast
9:30am – Sessions open
1:30pm – Programmed sessions conclude
2pm – Unconference begins
5pm – Unconference concludes
5:30pm – Alchemist’s Reception (private wine reception for Alchemists & Scholars)
7pm – Closing reception / dinner

March 22nd

(Activity / Decompression Day)

9am – Skiing/Snowboarding
10am – Recovery Breakfast