Alan Webber

Mayor of Santa Fe, NM

Alan Webber is Santa Fe’s 43rd Mayor—and the City’s first full-time executive. He was elected in March of 2018 with 66% of the vote.

As Mayor, he is focused on making Santa Fe the most user-friendly, eco-friendly, and family-friendly city in the country. Before running for Mayor, Alan built a career in business and journalism, most notably as the Editorial Director of the Harvard Business Review and Co-Founder and Co-Editor-in-Chief of Fast Company Magazine.

Alan has been married to Frances Diemoz for over forty years. They have two children, Adam and Amanda.

My Sessions

From Fast Company to Santa Fe

Lumpkins Ballroom

Fast Company magazine is a staple in tech and business offices around the country, but it was once a startup like every other company. Alan Webber, current Mayor of Santa Fe, NM, is one of the Fast Company co-founders, and he’ll join us on stage to share some of the lessons from Fast Company’s beginnings […]