Ani Liu

Artist & Speculative Technologist // MIT

Ani Liu (born Anne Liu) is a speculative technologist, artist, designer and researcher. Lodged somewhere between science fiction and science fact, her work explores the intersection between technology, sensory perception, culture & implications of emerging technologies

Her work has spanned the scales of built installations, prosthetic wearables, virtual reality immersions, to synthetic biology, as she searches for the epiphanies linking technological innovation with emotional affordance.

Trained as an artist at Dartmouth, an architect at Harvard, and now a technologist at MIT, Ani continually seeks to discover the unexpected, through playful experimentation, intuition, and speculative storytelling.

She has co-taught a studio with Krzysztof Wodiczko at the Harvard Graduate School of Design titled “Cultural Prosthetics: Tools for Communication and Expression in Public Space.  She has also developed the research program in Sensory Mediation at the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities, which explores how information visualization, augmented reality, and other emerging technologies can be harnessed to extend the human sensorium to redefine spatial experience.  

She studied with artists and designers such as Sputniko!, Herzog & DeMueron, Chuck Hoberman, Vito Acconci, and Krzysztof Wodiczko.

Ani is a native New Yorker living in between Cambridge, MA and Long Island City.  Her interests include long distance running, corgis, and science fiction.

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