Ari Gesher

Director of Software Engineering // Kairos Aerospace

Ari Gesher is the founding Director of Software Engineering at Kairos Aerospace, a startup building and operating the next-generation of airborne and spaceborne sensors for monitoring oil & gas infrastructure. Previously, he was a very early engineer at Palantir Technologies, later serving as Palantir’s Engineering Ambassador to the tech community at large. Ari is also the co-author of The Architecture of Privacy, an O’Reilly book outlining how to responsibly hold data about people while preserving their privacy to the greatest extent possible. Prior to joining Palantir in 2006, Ari was the maintainer of the SourceForge.net open source archive.

Ari is a prolific speaker on various topics, including human-computer symbiosis as system design aesthetic, the limits of automated decision-making, and privacy architectures for a world where everything is recorded.

My Sessions

Hold your nose, roll up your sleeves: because utopia doesn’t need fixing

Limelight A & B

The paradox of true change-making is that the opportunities to do the most good exist in spaces that are the most broken. Whether it’s a dystopian future, a hated industry, a dangerous locale, or some other form of unpleasantness, change requires dwelling and engaging in the gray areas, the places that others avoid. Ari Gesher […]