Brian Boitano

World Champion Figure Skater and Olympic Gold Medalist

Olympic champion, Brian Boitano, single-handedly changed the face of professional figure skating by raising the level of competition. Boitano captured his first National title in 1985 and went on to win the 1988 Olympic Gold Medal. Boitano’s competitive record is unmatched. It includes 4 national titles, 2 world titles, an Olympic title and more professional titles than any other skater in the history of the sport. Boitano is a member of the US Olympic Hall of Fame, The World Skating Hall of Fame and the US Skating Hall of Fame. Boitano is known for his speed and powerful command of the ice and most notably for winning Olympic Gold in the “Battle of the Brians.”

Olympic Gold medalist, Brian Boitano, also gives a winning performance in the kitchen. His Food Network show “WHAT WOULD BRIAN BOITANO MAKE” was named one of the top 10 Food Network shows to watch by TV squad. Boitano has published a popular cookbook of the same name. His recipes are designed for anyone with an active lifestyle, who is concerned with nutrition and great food.

Brian Boitano’s HGTV series, “THE BOITANO PROJECT,” garnered the highest ever ratings for a home improvement series.

His list of accomplishments includes winning a primetime Emmy award and producing more than 30 TV specials.

Brian currently specializes in giving keynote and inspirational talks to large conventions and small intimate groups, as his career spans the worlds of food, skating and entertainment.

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Brian Boitano on Stilling the Negative Voice

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