Chris Morrow

Snapshot Session: Chris Morrow, Syrian Refugees and Solight Design

Chris Morrow started her love of journalism out of High School working as ‘Miss Classified’ at the Houston Chronicle. 30 years later she is an award winning filmmaker and CNN iReporter documenting the world. Her latest; documenting Refugees stranded in Greece.
Chris won best short film at the San Diego Film Festival for WYLAND EARTH DAY and premiered LIFE IN ZONA NORTE at Cannes Film Festival.
Chris has over 1,000 vetted video packages on CNN.com. Her tagline is DOCUMENTING THE WORLD ONE STORY AT A TIME. Noteable CNN iReport stories, Vancouver Olympics, Super Storm Sandy, Baby Pandas, F18 Plane Crash, human rights, Paris Attacks, Hollywood & Food celebrity interviews, Travel, Comic-con, and third year covering DENT backstage.
Chris’ charity is giving LOVE and LIGHT to Syrian Refugees stranded in Greece. Working with Dr. Alison Thompson replacing burning plastic inside tents to solar lights. Over 100,000 solar lights given to women and refugee families.

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Snapshot Session: Chris Morrow, Syrian Refugees and Solight Design

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Denter Chris Morrow shares with us her work documenting the Syrian Refugees stranded in Greece, and how the technology pioneered by Solight Design and the humanitarian efforts of Dr. Alison Thompson have helped over 100,000 displaced families.