Crystal Beasley

Entrepreneur / Experience Architect

As a product designer turned entrepreneur, Crystal Beasley is unwilling to make assumptions about process or product. Crystal tests her own and other’s theories through practical experimentation. This led her to create such unlikely products as a jean retailer selling denim in 400 sizes, a pie food cart and a robot that scans the internet for color trends. Attracted by their mission to “make everyone in the world laugh for at least 5 minutes a day” Crystal herded LOLcats at cheezburger.com. At Mozilla, makers of the Firefox browser, she pursued a quest to quell the frustration of passwords from all our lives. She has done such inadvisable things as traveling to Syria unaccompanied and volunteering in Cambodia during three months of monsoon season. The hardest of these has unquestionably been making jeans for women which they feel makes their butt look good.

My Sessions

Snapshot Session: I Feel, Therefore I Am

Limelight A & B

Since Descartes uttered the immortal words “I think therefore I am” philosophers and scientists alike have conceived of brain and body as separate. Recent cognitive science and developmental psychology shows how wrong that is. Our concept of self is every bit as much embodied as it is embrained. This has wide-ranging implications for neuroscience, psychology, […]