Danielle Morrill

Investing Partner // XFactor Ventures

In December 2017 I sold my startup, Mattermark and moved to Denver, Colorado from San Francisco. I’ve spent 10 years of my career in startups: did Y Combinator in Summer 2012 with a social referrals startup I founded, called Referly. Before that, I was the 1st employee hired by the founders of Twilio and I ran marketing there. My first startup gig began in September 2007 in Seattle, at a company called Pelago.

I spent the earlier years of my career as an analyst and software developer, writing business process automation software at a Fortune 500 supply chain company, Expeditors International and working for my family’s wealth management and financial consulting business as an analyst.

Professionally, I am on sabbatical from operating startups for the rest of 2018. I remain an active investing partner at XFactor Ventures.

My Sessions