Elisa Jagerson

CEO // FutureBrand Speck

Elisa Jagerson works at the intersection of business innovation, people, technology, and brand experience design.  She is regarded as a thought leader in the future-proofing of companies.  Her communication style inspires employees and deeply engages leaders; as a mentor and teacher she demonstrates to teams how to see possibility when none is evident.

Elisa is CEO of  FutureBrand Speck, where she leads teams of product and service innovators within companies such as Google, Apple, Samsung, Cisco, Tesla, P&G, Medtronic, PayPal and leading startups. Speck’s product and service innovations have generated over ten billion in revenue, and now sit inside most of our pockets, hospitals, data centers, bodies, automobiles, and offices.

As CEO at FutureBrand Speck, Elisa is focused on facilitating relationships and an infrastructure supporting them, to ensure that both clients and team members find the desire to remain a long-term partner of FutureBrand Speck.  Elisa has spent her career running and investing in services companies.

Elisa was Managing Director of the equity group Bay Laurel Capital, and also served as interim CEO in three of the portfolio companies.  Earlier in her career, Elisa founded and ran PartsRiver, later acquiring assets of Saqqara and CDG, a Boeing subsidiary, to become the leading DQM provider in the industrial supply chain. In her earlier work with two international private equity funds, ZPF and Zephyr, Elisa managed successful investments into emerging market technology services firms.  Elisa has been consistently recognized for her ability to increase the scale and profitability of a company without compromising the integrity, customer orientation, or supportive work environment generally associated with smaller enterprises.

Elisa serves on the boards of companies and nonprofits including PartsRiver, Remedy Interactive, and Astia.  Elisa graduated with honors from Princeton University and received her MBA from the Wharton School of Business.  Elisa was a national champion rower while at Princeton.  Her passions are many but most overlap in the areas of emerging market policy.

When not at work, she can be found impersonating a jungle-gym for her three young children, or daydreaming about how she used to surf and mountain bike, and may again someday.

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Design thinking with Elisa Jagerson

Yountville Community Center Generations Room

It’s no secret: design-centric companies that focus on the users’ experiences have an edge in the marketplace. But surprisingly the key to that design process is understanding “emotional resonance” — how do people feel about themselves while they’re using your product?Elisa Jagerson, CEO at FutureBrand Speck, has worked with all kinds of companies to discover new and […]