Eric Svaren

Leadership Coach & Thought Partner

Eric Svaren is a leadership coach, thought partner and owner of Incubate Activate. He works with leaders who want to substantially “up their game” to achieve greater clarity, speed execution, and reduce reactivity. Direct, focused conversations with leaders are where he delivers the highest, and best value—his “sweet spot.”

Over 25 years, he has worked with leaders at all levels—from high potential individual contributors to the C-suite—in all industries, including technology, health care, NGOs, retail, higher education, and government. Eric has developed leaders, aligned teams, and facilitated turnarounds—producing organizations that are better aligned, more effective and resilient, and better able to deliver their mission. These broad experiences provide a rich array of examples, metaphors and stories he brings to clients.

Eric has presented at local, regional and national conferences (including Dent), universities, and other forums. He also originated and taught courses for the University of Washington and served as visiting practitioner and field advisor for two organization development graduate programs. Eric is certified in the Leadership Circle Profile, EQ in Action Profile, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and many other tools.

For more information, visit www.incubate-activate.com.

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