Everett Harper

CEO // Truss

Everett Harper is the CEO and Co-Founder of Truss, The Infrastructuralists. Truss builds software infrastructure, tools and practices to solve complex problems in the public interest, notably helping to fix Healthcare.gov. Truss has a distinct methodology for helping large enterprises transform their engineering practice as well as helping fast-growing startups build sustainable infrastructure that scales. Truss is distinctive in Silicon Valley with diverse founders and an engineering team that is 50% women. Truss is a charter member of Startup Include, a new initiative to develop data-driven policies to enhance diversity and inclusion in technology companies.

Everett’s expertise in customer development and acquisition draws on experiences from Linden Lab (maker of Second Life), Bain & Co, among others. Everett graduated from Stanford (MBA & M.Ed) and Duke (Biomedical & Electrical Engineering). He also won a NCAA National Championship, Duke’s first in any sport, as a starting midfielder. Everett lives in Oakland, CA, making limoncello when life hands him lemons.

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