Jet Widick

Founder // Gluten Free Sage

Jet Widick is the founder of weekly lifestyle blog glutenfreesage.com that promotes healthy food, healthy lifestyle, mindfulness and minimalism. She is a strong advocate for those living with Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance, and understands the need for education around the gluten-free diet. Jet creates with the assistance of Kristen Alden, a graphic designer and visual artist. Together they work fearlessly with their hearts on their sleeves.

She is also a nurse and poet, and believes each of us longs for artful experiences and that we need to be well and inspired to become the most beautiful versions of ourselves we can be. Her book Sage Words is a charming collection of poetry and spoken word pieces that gracefully captures the vulnerability and imperfection that make us beautiful. Each poem has been lovingly hand lettered and illustrated by Kimberly Taylor-Pestell—giving each one its own experience to ease us out of our minds and gently place the focus on our hearts.

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Snapshot Session: Jet Widick

Limelight A & B

Join Denter and Gluten Free Sage founder Jet Widick on stage for a fireside chat interview about her work and life changing experience.