John Geraci

Entrepreneur Team Lead // Bionic

I’m John Geraci – I lead the Entrepreneurs Team at Bionic, a fast-growing company that enables large organizations to validate, launch and grow new ventures using entrepreneurial and venture capital approaches.

My ten-year history of entrepreneurship in New York City includes co-founding local news startup Outside.in, backed by CNN and acquired by AOL in 2011, working to transform The New York Times as Director of New Products there, advising startups and entrepreneurs, and many other adventures and misadventures.

I’m a regular contributor to Harvard Business Review, write occasionally for other media, and publish a personal blog here.

My Sessions

Today’s Problems, Yesterday’s Solutions

Lumpkins Ballroom

Inside big companies there are thousands of people who work hard and care deeply about finding new and innovative technologies or products that serve today’s needs. These impulses are often at odds with the tendencies and constraints of big corporate structures that make it harder to respond to the changing needs of the marketplace. Entrepreneur […]