Mandy-Rae Krack

7-Time World Record Athlete // Performance Freediving International

Mandy-Rae has been “aquatically inclined” for her whole life. She grew up doing everything in or around the water. Swim Instructor, Life Guard, competitive Synchronized Swimmer and Scuba Instructor Trainer. But it was when, in 2000, she met up with old friend Kirk Krack that she found her passion for Freediving. Just 18-months after doing her first Freedive she became the deepest woman in the world with a No-Limits dive to 136m/447ft. That was soon followed by breaking another world record to add the title of Longest Breath-Hold with a Static of 6:16.

Mandy-Rae’s trainer, and soon to be husband – Kirk Krack helped to develop her natural affinity to Freediving and together with hard work and dedication she was able to achieve a total of 7 World Records and 13 National Records. She was part of the “Black Ops” team in the 2010 Academy Award Winning Documentary The Cove, where she helped to uncover the horrors happening in a small cove in Japan. She has helped to train thousands of people in apnea and now runs the back end of the family business, Performance Freediving International (PFI) and is enjoying watching their daughter find her own love of the water and the creatures within it.

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