Merci Victoria Grace

Product Leader & Storywriter

Merci Victoria Grace is a product leader who specializes in growth, engagement, and design. After graduating with a degree in fiction writing from the University of Southern California, she founded a venture-backed social games company, GameLayers. Her first game, PMOG: The Nethernet, was nominated for MMO of the Year in 2009 but lost to World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade.

Merci focused on engagement and paid conversion at Couchsurfing and Gigwalk before joining the workplace collaboration company Slack in early 2015. While at Slack, she ran their Growth team as a Director of Product and took the company from 500k DAU to 5M+ DAU before leaving in late 2017.

She founded the Women in Product community in 2015. In her spare time she mentors women and people of color, hikes with her dog Pixels, and writes stories.

My Sessions

What Game Design Teaches Us About Good Product Design

La Fonda on the Plaza

Game design, product design, and growth are thoroughly related. Merci has spent time on all three: she founded a social gaming company, designed and produced a game that overtook Farmville for growth on Facebook, and helped Slack grow from a 50-person company to a 1,000-person company. Merci will share lessons from her experiences on how […]