Sarah Boisvert

Author, The New Collar Workforce

 Sarah Boisvert has more than 30 years of experience in the design, development and commercialization of high-technology products utilizing digital fabrication including laser machining and 3D printing.  Since the sale of Potomac Photonics, Inc. which she co-founded to build laser machine tools, Sarah founded Fab Lab Hub, to create Digital Badge certifications for New Collar jobs.  The trainings are based upon the research she conducted with 200 manufacturers, which was reported in her 2018 book, The New Collar Workforce.

My Sessions

The New Collar Opportunity

Lumpkins Ballroom

The work of manufacturing is changing rapidly. In short order, new tools and digital technology has transformed the skill set that workers need in order to fill the roles imperative today and into the future for American manufacturing to stay competitive in the global marketplace. These “new collar” workers that manufacturers seek must have the […]