Selma Sabera

Executive Producer, Meow Wolf XR

Selma is an emerging technology leader with over two decades of experience in media and entertainment. She has a background in electrical engineering and worked in Bay Area companies like Pixar, ILM, and Lucasfilm as a media technologist. In 2017 she joined Meow Wolf’s technology team bringing years of experience in scaling teams and technology. In 2018 she joined the entertainment division of Meow Wolf, to explore novel ways of storytelling. Selma is now leading Meow Wolf’s cross-reality R&D initiatives merging physical and digital art into new interactive and storytelling experiences.

My Sessions

Unconventional Storytelling

The Santa Fe based artist collective called Meow Wolf has grown from an idea to a phenomenon in a few short years by imagining and building stories, experiences, and art in the most unconventional ways. How do you use new technologies to take passive observers and turn them into participants in the narrative? What technologies […]