Shaherose Charania

Entrepreneur, Product Builder & Diversity Ambassador

Shaherose has worked hands-on in product, branding and marketing with over 10 early-stage and growth-mode startups as a product manager, product marketer or advisor.

She founded Women 2.0 and as it’s CEO she built a mission-driven business powering a global movement of diverse entrepreneurs, and created Founder Labs, the first-ever “founder bootcamp teaching Lean Startup principles”. To-date, to top 30 startups from Women 2.0 and Founder Labs have collectively raised over $100MM.

Shaherose has continually built, refined, and launched first-to-market SaaS product, IoT platforms, and online marketplace products. Her thought leadership in design thinking, product development, and the ROI of diversity have been widely covered in the media. She currently works as Product and Brand Fellow at 23 Design and serves as an active Advisor for Republic.co, in addition to sitting on the boards of Women 2.0 and Good World Solutions.

My Sessions

Fireside chat with Shaherose Charania

Limelight A & B

An in-depth conversation in a fireside chat format between ABC journalist Lilia Luciano and Women 2.0 Founder and Diversity Ambassador Shaherose Charania!