Timothy Kopra

NASA Astronaut

Timothy L. Kopra returned from the International Space Station on June 19, after serving as a flight engineer on Expedition 46 and commander of Expedition 47. He is also a veteran of Expedition 20. For that mission, he launched with the STS-127 crew and returned to Earth after a 2-month stay with the crew of STS‑128. Selected as an astronaut in 2000, the Austin, Texas native was also in the U.S. Army where he served as commander and Operations Officer of the attack helicopter company, Developmental Test Director for the Comanche helicopter program, in addition to attending U.S. Naval Test Pilot School among other duties.

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Lessons From Teamwork in Space

Limelight A & B

While their workplace may literally be “out of this world,” many of the attributes and talents required of NASA astronauts are equally valuable on terra firma. Leadership, big goals, grit, attention to detail, ability to adapt, and tenacity are traits that successful “Denters” and space travelers share. In this presentation, Tim Kopra — former commander […]