Virginia Postrel

Author // Dynamist

Virginia Postrel (pron. PAH-STRELL) is an author, columnist, and speaker whose work spans a broad range of topics, from social science to fashion. She describes her work as “intellectual arbitrage”–synthesizing, analyzing, and communicating ideas from many different fields in an original and accessible way, usually with focus on culture and commerce.

Writing in Vanity Fair, Sam Tanenhaus (now the editor of The New York Times Book Review) described her as “a master D.J. who sequences the latest riffs from the hard sciences, the social sciences, business, and technology, to name only a few sources.”

Postrel’s latest book is The Power of Glamour: Longing and the Art of Visual Persuasion, published November 5. She’s also the author of The Substance of Style (2003) and The Future and Its Enemies (1998) and is a regular columnist for the Bloomberg View division of Bloomberg.com.

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