Zoë Bell

Unstoppable Actress & Stunt Woman

Zoë Bell is one of a handful of performers who’s successfully transitioned from stunt woman to leading lady and she has created a name for herself that actors and stunt people alike consider to be the benchmark for acting and action. 

Loyal fan Quentin Tarantino wrote the starring role in Death Proof for Zoë in the cult hit double feature Grindhouse which he co-wrote, produced and directed along with Robert Rodriguez. Zoë starred opposite Kurt Russell and Rosario Dawson as one of four woman stalked by a murderous Stuntman Mike (Russell). Death Proof is hailed as having one of the “best car chase sequences of all time” lasting an unheard of 10 minutes with Zoë on the hood. Quentin has continued his long standing appreciation of Zoë, who he has place in all of his films since Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2. In recent years, Zoë appeared as Six-Horse Judy in Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight and she also had a cameo as Tracker Peg in Django Unchained. Zoë was lead female stunts in Inglorious Bastards

Most recently, Zoë has had lead roles in upcoming feature films Haymaker, Unspoken: Diary of an Assasin, Freshwater and The Big Take along with an array of short films including Imbroglio, Miner and No Touching – the latter two she also produced.

In 2014, Zoë starred alongside Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman as Kara in Oblivion, a sci-fi drama set in an uninhabited earth of the future.  The same year saw the release of Raze, a critically acclaimed horror film which Zoë produced and starred in as Sabrina. Raze was directed by Josh C. Waller and premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival ahead of its theatrical release.

In previous years Zoë starred opposite Wesley Snipes in the action thriller Game of Death, directed by Giorgio Serafini also starring Robert Davi and Gary Daniels in supporting roles. Zoë also appeared in Gamer, with Kyra Sedgwick and Gerard Butler, a film set in a future where humans control other using a multi-player online gaming environment. Drew Barrymore directed Zoë, who starred alongside Ellen Page, Juliette Lewis and Drew herself in her directorial debut Whip It. Zoë played Bloody Holly, a roller derby player. Zoë was nominated for best actress in a web series for Angel of Death, created for Crackle.com and Sony Pictures Entertainment’s online video network. Zoë plays the lead role, Eve, an assassin, employed by a crime family. Eve becomes haunted by her victims and seeks revenge on her employers. “Angel” written by Ed Brubaker, of comic book fame, set the standard for online web series. Zoë has also guest starred on some of America’s highest rating TV Series including Hawaii Five-0, Gossip Girl, CSI: Miami and Lost.

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