Dent Coaching Stable

The Coaches

How This Works

The Dent Coaching Stable is available, free of charge, to anyone who is a Dent Passport holder. 

Any passport holder can reach out to the coaching stable at any time by sending an email to coaching at

Passport holders are each given four “Visas” each year: two 30-minute visas and two 1-hour visas. When you send an email to coaching at, take a few minutes to briefly describe what it is you’d like to talk about, and indicate which type of Visa you’d like to use. You can also express a preference for the coach you’d like to talk to, or you can leave it up to the coaches to determine who reaches out to you in return. 

Your email might look like this:

The 30-minute Visas are a great opportunity to get to know a few of the coaches in the stable in order to get a sense for how coaching might help you in your work, or to see what kind of working relationship you might like to have with a coach. 

The 1-hour Visas allow for longer conversations, and as a great pair make a wonderful opportunity to hear some advice and create a follow-up to check in a few weeks later. 

Suggestions and Ground Rules

“Perspective is worth 80 IQ points” – Alan Kay

Coaching in general is a great way to ground your thinking and set yourself up for success. In this limited format, you won’t get a lot of the support and growth that is part of a regular engagement.

The concept behind the Dent Coaching Stable is to provide our community with the opportunity to bring an expert perspective to bear on some current challenge. It might be that you’re having difficulty with a co-founder or an executive. It might be that you’re weighing two important candidates for a big hire. It might be that you have a strategic choice to make about your business. It might be that you have been feeling disengaged from work. 

Getting the most help from a coach is ultimately about allowing someone to help you grow. That takes being vulnerable, honest, and human. Dent’s coaches provide assurances of privacy and confidentiality through the terms of Dent Passport, and are members of our community themselves.

If you’d like to review the information about confidentiality and liability, please find it here.