Space exploration is
finally real.

Get on board.

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Dent: Space happens September 21st - September 22nd, 2016.

Dent 2017

Some people are here to put a dent in the universe. We bring them together.

Dent is an invitation-only creative retreat for people who want to become more effective leaders, who value creative reflection, are driven to dent the universe, and seek actively to expand their impact on their work, their passions, and their world.

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See Creative Control and Meet Director Benjamin Dickinson at Dent 2016 On the evening of March 20 in Sun Valley, Dent conference attendees as well as local residents will get chance to screen the film and meet Benjamin Dickinson. read more
Mónica Guzmán and Biz Stone on Leadership and The Picard School of Management Mónica Guzmán was featured on the Mediashift podcast this week, and host Mark Glaser interviewed her about her time as a Nieman Fellow and the shifting media lansdcape. read more
"If you are looking to recharge your creative batteries and drive your ideas forward in a productive way, I highly recommend attending Dent." Alvy Ray Smith, Pixar Co-Founder

Dent: Space will connect government agencies with private space industry players and home enthusiasts to encourage connections, innovation, and entrepreneurship as we explore the possibilities of commercial space exploration.

Does that sound like you?