Some people are here to put a dent in the universe.

We bring them together.

DENT 2016 happens March 20th - March 23rd, 2016. Regular pricing ends on January 15th.
Announcing the 2016 Dent Scholars: Welcome Maryann, Kevin, Kavita, and Ryan Back in June we announced that for the first time in 2016, we would be offering a scholarship program to bring to Dent people who would otherwise not be able to attend. The scholarships are funded through the sales of “Alchemist” registrations to Dent. We are now happy to welcome our four selected Dent Scholars […] read more
The Dent 2016 Aquarius Reefbase Experience The Dent conference explores the magic and science of visionary leadership and groundbreaking success. Request an invitation here. After our successful “Aquaman” themed collaboration at San Diego Comic Con in July, we have been working with our friend Thomas Potts, the director of Aquarius Reef Base in Florida in hopes of organizing a Dent “field […] read more
"If you are looking to recharge your creative batteries and drive your ideas forward in a productive way, I highly recommend attending Dent." Alvy Ray Smith, Pixar Co-Founder

People who want to become more effective leaders, who value creative reflection, are driven to dent the universe, and seek actively to expand their impact on their work, their passions, and their world.

Does that sound like you?