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Using Culture Change to Prevent Domestic Violence in the NFL During his amazing talk on the epidemiology of violence at Dent the Future 2014, Dr. Gary Slutkin said (and I paraphrase) that one of the key determining factors in whether an individual will commit a violent act is whether or not that person thinks their peer group will find the violent act acceptable. Slutkin's work is showing that violence spreads just like an epidemic, with cultural attitudes about violent behavior as the key vector for predicting when and where violence will occur. read more
Dark Matter: Mapping the Unseen Universe Just as 17th century microbiology pioneer Antonie van Leeuwenhoek used his homemade microscope to view the previously unseen world of microbes, scientists today are creating a map of the dark matter in the universe; applying computer models to the gravitational forces impacting the stuff that we can observe directly to theorize about the nature of what we cannot. read more
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