How Do I Put A Dent In The Future?

Dent explores the magic and science of visionary leadership and groundbreaking success. We aim to translate the success of great leaders in business, politics, or charity into a set of lessons for those who would "put a dent" in the future.

A New Event Experience

The industrial revolution brought mechanics, efficiency, and corporate structure into the spotlight; effective communications, authority, and budgets set the stage for success. As a reflection of the industrial economy, conferences and events focused on teaching people how to do things.

Now that we live and work in an information economy, we have become surrounded by conferences that celebrate ideas. But the next phase of our economy requires more than ideas: it requires a kind of creative execution.

You need more than a vision to put a dent in the universe. You need the tools and talents to make it happen.

Can Organization Still Be The Key To Success?

Is the corporate structure of the industrial revolution still the best way to impact the universe? Have newer organizations made different choices that have allowed them to consistently outperform their competition?

Learn About The Path Others Took

Where other events bring people to the stage to describe their work, we work tirelessly to understand why these people were the ones to succeed. What decisions did they make? Are there lessons from their paths that can teach you how to succeed in your vision?

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Advisory Board

The concept and lessons of dent can be applied to all kinds of work, from nonprofit to Fortune 50, from design to music and performance. Our conference advisory board reflects the depth of our mission.
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